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A Review On Healing Back Pain

Healing Back Pain The Mind Body ConnectionThere is an amazing book out, you can pick it up on Amazon called Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection.

This book is by the Author John Sarno, and in this book he talks about how you can overcome a lot of your body and back pain without the use of those terrible medications, or surgery!

He goes on to show in the book how so many of his patients that had chronic or terrible back pain have gone to heal themselves.

As well in the book he will tell you how people can even train themselves to feel and experience the back pain. Almost like imagining it and bringing it on to themselves.

Whats great is that there is relief in about 2 to 6 weeks once you start to recognize the causes of TMS and how you can fight back.

Its a great read, if you are interested in checking it out, just go to Amazon books here.

Know The Causes of Your Back Pain

what is the cause of your back pain

It is important for you to know and understand that back pain is just a medical condition’s symptom and not a specific illness. Here are some medical problems that are suspected to be the cause of it that you need to know about because they could be affecting you everyday.

The actual problem is due to the way spine moves or the way your back feels when you move your spine in some certain ways. The most common cause of back pain is commonly known as the intervertebral disc degeneration condition that illustrates the situation of the discs are in between the spine’s vertebrae are affected by aging and pressure. Deterioration causes the disc’s cushioning ability causing the back to feel the pain when stressed out.

Another cause is the loosing down of the facet joints, that serve as a joint for every vertebrae. Most medical professionals, experts such as Dr Farokh Zavosh, DC from the Burrard Chiro clinic claims that the root cause of back pain is spasm, ruptured discs or the herniated discs and muscle tension. Back pains caused by sprain injury and chronic and severe fractures may either be short term or becomes a chronic long-term back pain problem for you. Sprains are injuries in the ligaments that support the spine, and they may occur from improper lifting or twisting. Damaged vertebrae may also result in a common conditions for elderly people, in what you call the osteoporosis, causing the bones to be weak and porous. Commonly, back pains are always caused by accidents and falls.

What are the Common Things We Do That Triggers the Pain?

Most commonly, we do things so haphazardly that give us so much trouble. We are sometimes unaware of what we do wrong. Just like having your daily workout, wrong sit-ups, curl-ups, and push-ups may lead to back pains. Also when doing dead lifting, you must not apply the muscles in your lower back. This may result to lower back injuries such as herniated discs. Keep your lower back neutral and the bar close to you. Doing the proper dead lifts builds a natural way which that supports your spine, protecting it from injuries during daily activities.

Also, doing wrong lunges may have the same result as what is being done by improper dead lifts. Squats and planks must be performed right in order for you to gain the roper benefit from it.

Daily chores such as bending to picking up the laundry basket, swinging a golf club, paddling, picking up luggage. All of this when done the wrong way would definitely cause your back to suffer too. Even office work, sitting the whole day may stress out your back for being idle. Having a poor posture is one of the most common reasons for you to suffer back problems even if it is not noticeable in the short term.

Everything that is abused and not taken care of will cause a traumatic effect just like on your back. Working hard, exercising, doing household chores are good things to do, but take a look after your body that makes everything possible. Give it more importance and take good care of it. Always observe precautionary measures in every step so that you will not suffer any serious injury due to negligence.

Sitting All Day Is So Bad For Your Back And Health

This latest report shows that sitting all day, like how you currently do at your 9-5 job is causing you so many problems that are going to make you really sick and unhealthy in the future and may even cause death.

best possible sleeping positions

So what are you going to do about it?

Well first this is first, get up! Dont sit down for more than 20-25 minutes at a time. I set a timer and get up when the timer goes off and it forces me to move and be active.

Go get a glass of water, go stretch and just do something that makes you move your body.

3 Sleeping Positions And Their Pros And Cons

best possible sleeping positions

Sleep is such an underrated and a taken for granted activity. Why? Well because the simple activity of sleeping can be linked to a myriad of health problems. If you sleep too little, it is considered bad for you. If you sleep too much, the same thing applies as well. You have to do the Goldilocks thing and sleep just the right amount of time however. And the health problems associated with sleeping are not minor either: heart disease, obesity, diabetes and dementia just to name a few of them.

And aside from the number of hours you need to sleep, another consideration is your sleeping position. Did you know that your position while you sleep can play a significant role in the following health related aspects: heartburn, snoring or sleep apnea, and even the production of wrinkles?

In this article, I will identify three common sleeping positions and the pros and cons of each one of them. Read on and find out which is the highly recommended and optimal sleeping position for you.

Sleeping on your back. This position has been identified by most doctors to be the best position for sleeping. If you are a yoga enthusiast, you would be sleeping in a savasana pose. This position does good for your back, particularly for the neck and the spine, especially since the purpose of most mattresses is to support the spine anyways. If you are reading this article because of that wrinkle thing, the cosmetic effect of back sleeping is fewer facial wrinkles. There are still disadvantages to this position, however, especially when we talk of sleep apnea & snoring. Sleep doctors recommend that if you have these conditions, that you sleep on your side instead of on your back so as not to obstruct the airway, which is the culprit of snoring. Back sleepers also do not mean that they are good sleepers because studies have shown that poor sleepers are on their backs more than good sleepers.

Sleeping on the side. It does not matter if you sleep on your side straight or you curl yourself up into a fetal position, this is reportedly the most common sleeping position. It has certain advantages to it too. For example, obstetricians highly recommend that pregnant women sleep on their side, particularly the left, during pregnancy because apparently, it improves their heart circulation that keeps both the baby and the mother healthy.

On the other hand, side sleeping is not only good for those who are expecting but also for those who have stomach acid problems as well, such as acid reflux, hyperacidity or heartburn. However, as expected, this position comes with its own list of disadvantages, namely the following: sleeping on your left can increase pressure on some internal organ like the lungs or the heart and may cause some numbness to some muscles and nerves as well.

Sleeping on your stomach. This is a highly recommended sleeping position for those with snoring issues & sleep apnea but this is known to be the worst in terms of sleeping positions. It strains the neck and twinges the lower back but if this position is preferred, use of several pillows will help, especially putting them underneath your stomach.

Got any more sleeping tips for better back and body health? Give us a shout and let us know your sleep stories. And make sure you keep up with the news section of our website to find out more great information that comes out.